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Date: May 3, 2017
Location: Renaissance Arlington Capital View – Metro Accessible

The 16th Annual C4ISRNET Conference brings together senior-level military, government, industry and corporate leaders to discuss the latest requirements and capabilities in mobility, command and control, communications, cyber, unmanned systems and sensors, networks and geospatial intelligence. This year’s theme is “Convergence in the Cross-Domain Era.


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The Elite 6 Awards recognize the cutting edge in technological and capability development, as well as procurement excellence. The awards cover the areas of mobility; C2 and communications; cyber; unmanned systems, ISR and sensors; IT and networks; and geospatial intelligence.

Take a look at the highlights of the award ceremony held at the recent C4ISR & Networks Conference, and click here to learn more about the winning programs.

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  • Vice Adm. Jan Tighe, Chief of Naval Intelligence N2/N6 – Invited
  • LTG Alan Lynn, DISA director – Invited
  • Doug Wiltsie, director, Army Rapid Capabilities Office – Confirmed


Network Sustainment for Comms on the Move
As the military shifts its focus to smaller formations in a range of settings in theaters, the ability to deploy on the fly and still remain connected is more critical than ever. PEO-C3T’s chief as well as leaders in WIN-T, Mission Command, IEW&S and Army communications and electronics will give an overview of the tactical capabilities in development and in demand – and how they’re meeting that demand.

Completing the Operational Picture: Integrating ISR
Intelligence doesn’t mean much if troops on the ground can’t get to it. Across the military a growing effort to fuse intelligence into common operating pictures and present it at troops’ at their fingertips continues to gain momentum. But doing so means making data and intelligence capabilities work with existing and emerging technologies as part of a broader operational architecture.

Don’t Call it Convergence: Electronic warfare in cyber operations
At last year’s C4ISR & Networks conference, the Army’s then-chief of electronic warfare, Col. Jeffrey Church, bristled at the notion of “converging” EW and cyber – much like soldiers don’t“converge” with their armor. But it’s no secret that EW and cyber have a symbiotic relationship, one that’s becoming more critical as near-peer adversaries create an increasingly contested environment.

Moving Ahead on Satcom: Powering comms at the tactical edge
Without satellite communications, it’s tough – maybe impossible – to get any messages across the tactical transom. As the demand signal increases for satcom to power ever-growing connectivity needs, the military is looking to civilian agencies and the commercial sector on the best ways to meet that demand and keep missions on track.

The State of Cyber: A look at capabilities and progress
The military is well into its efforts to develop cyber forces, but not every service is taking the same approach. And at the top of the chain of command, U.S. Cyber Command faces myriad demands, whether it’s a high-profile hack taking down major networks or threats that continue to emerge and target the Defense Department. Leaders from across the services are answering the call – this panel will take a hard look at how.

The Unmanned Movement: Keeping up with a fast-changing game
Call them unmanned aerial systems, remotely piloted aircraft or the commercially popular “drones,” the fact of the matter is the unmanned movement is creating serious challenges – and serious benefits – for the military. Relatively cheap and easy to access, terror groups are claiming drones, while the military develops unmanned systems and potential weapons of its own. In one of the hottest areas of defense technology, the development of unmanned systems is taking off.

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Renaissance Arlington Capital View
2800 South Potomac Ave.
Arlington, VA 22202

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